The Future of Planned Giving The Top 10 Challenges Every Nonprofit Faces.

Non profits face their stiffest challenges and the answers are no longer found in the past—the donor landscape has changed permanently. The old tools are growing more and more ineffective as donors are buried under the avalanche of information and marketing messages that barrage them every day!

In nearly two decades of assisting non profits in the arena of planned giving, two important foundational truths remain unchanged: 1) Healthy endowments are critical for the health of every long-term nonprofit and 2) Proactive planned giving is essential to a strong endowment.

In order for planned giving programs to be sustainable, they must be more cost effective. Sustainable, proactive planned giving programs are essential to the multi-generational viability of nonprofits, yet the…many nonprofits are struggling to maintain a strong, sustainable planned giving model. Urgent financial needs and short-term organizational goals often compete with the long-term nature of planned giving, forcing the planned giving program to the bottom of the priority list – both in terms of time and resources.

This “pruning,” if you will, forces unproductive tools to be eliminated and only the most effective tools will remain. These are some of the toughest times I’ve seen since we began helping non profits “make planned giving happen” back in 1995. Our mission has been to create the most cost-effective, time-efficient system for non profits to proactively grow and sustain planned giving. It’s been called “Push-button planned giving” and “Donor Motivation for Dummies…” in a good sense that is. It is the recipe – everything you need to double the effectiveness of your planned giving professionals.

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